Your ultimate blonde haircare routine!


Oway Hblonde is Oway’s newest super-refining purple shampoo. It’s great for blonde, grey and white hair that needs extra moisture and strength, plus it’s one of the more refining options and contrasts pesky yellow and golden tones with ease.

As we know, all blondes are different: you can have the brightest platinum, a super sandy sun-kissed, or even purple undertones. And since Oway Hblonde is helping you maintain the truest blonde, we wanted to share the perfect product arsenals using the new low-tox purple shampoo for every blonde shade and undertone.

Find the perfect Hblonde routine for your truest shade below!

Golden Blonde


We love the way this blonde catches the light and is full of reflection. It’s the ultimate sun-kissed effect that clients who love spending time outside, in nature and at the beach often request.

Client Profile 

Most likely, this blonde loves to:

  • Spend time outside. Weekends are spent hiking, surfing or at the beach.
  • Bike rides or walks to work, lunch and social events are more common than hopping in the car.
  • A Mai Tai is their go-to cocktail.

This warm, golden, multi-dimensional blonde deserves the utmost care and maintenance. To care for:


Platinum Blonde


This is a tone of blonde that certainly never goes unnoticed. Platinum is bold, bright and glamorous all rolled up into one shimmering package.

Client Profile

Most likely, the platinum wearer:

  • Is 100% all the time. If they do something, they are all-in.
  • Spends their spare time at the most luxurious bars, restaurants and events.
  • Their go-to cocktail is a Martini—extra dry.

Since it is such a cool tone, the routine for a platinum blonde requires a strong refining power to neutralize those pesky yellow and gold reflections, yet also a deep moisturizing and nourishment of the hair fiber. Hello, Hblonde!


At Home



Highlights are just as important to look after as a full-head of platinum. These illuminating peeks and pops of strands can truly transform a darker undertone for lovely dimension and brightness.

Client Profile

The client who loves highlights probably:

  • Is half business, half play—one of the most balanced people you know!
  • Knows how to have a good time and most importantly makes time for it.
  • Can be found lounging with a glass of red and a good book at the chicest cafe in town.

Make sure to preserve the brightness, protect from dryness and avoid yellowing with the Hblonde routines below.


At Home

  1. Cleanse with Oway Color Protection Hair Bath.
  2. For cool highlights: Condition with Oway Hmelt Mask Mysterious Purple.
  3. For warm highlights: Condition with Oway Hmelt Mask Divine Gold.
  4. Protect with Oway Color Protection Veil.

Caramel Blonde


This gorgeous tone makes us want to sit on a bench under the sun drinking an iced caramel latte. Halfway between chestnut and blonde, it’s the perfect mix for the client that wants a minimal change. The gold and bronze mix instantly softens and illuminates ones features.

Client Profile

This client most likely:

  • Has such a sunny soul and is always making you smile.
  • Loves her job and her personal life to the fullest.
  • Prefers a Cosmopolitan on the rocks.

This blonde needs to be protected against changes in tone. To upkeep its warmth and brightness:


At Home

  1. Cleanse with Oway Color Protection Hair Bath.
  2. Condition with Oway Hmelt Mask Glamour Copper Gold or Oway Color Protection Hair Mask. Try swapping every other wash!
  3. Protect with Oway Color Protection Veil.

Grey Blonde


Grey blonde ladies know how to serve the straight-up fashion lewk. Whether it’s all-natural or you get there by lightening sessions, it’s important to fight those yellow tones and keep the hair light for flattering silver shimmers.

Client Profile:

Most likely you’ll find this customer:

  • Is not scared of anything! They’re bold and brave in all endeavors.
  • Can be an adrenaline junkie. Rock climbing, skydiving and cross-country ventures are their fave.
  • Vodka on the rocks, no frills.

To keep the dull grey away, use Hblonde! Check out our suggested routine below:


    At Home

    Purple Blonde


    This trendy purple hue is the perfect shade for spring. Blonde hair never goes unnoticed, but this hue is sure to stop onlookers in their tracks.

    Client Profile

    This fashion forward client probably:

    • Is the trendiest of the trendy. You see what she has and you have to know where it’s from.
    • Pays attention to the details. Everything from their Instagram aesthetic to their rings and jewelry speak to their personality.
    • Keeps things simple with a Vodka-Cran or Gin and Tonic.

    This super particular shade is prone to change tones quickly, so it’s important to have an accurate routine. Enhance brightness, reflections and protect hair from yellowing with the following routine:


    At Home

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