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The head is a very important part of the body - delicate, sensitive, and highly receptive. According to ayurvedic medicinal cultures, the head includes 7 of the 10 “portals” of access to the body - both physical and energetic. Coming into contact with one’s head is not just part of a beauty treatment but, above all, it is an interaction with emotions, thoughts and sensations of a human being.





Treats scalp problems and hair conditions with biodynamic holistic hair treatments. Customized to your specific hair and scalp needs.

(Includes complimentary scalp analysis to determine which treatment is best suited for your needs)

  • Intense Nourishing Ritual - This ritual nourishes hair, leaving it shiny and full of body, with a thickening effect on the ends. Ideal for dry, thin, and brittle hair due to aggressive technical services, environmental and/or physiological factors. 
  • Anti-Hair Loss Ritual - This ritual promotes the growth of thinning hair due to transient or androgenetic causes. It strengthens the hair bulb and promotes scalp oxygenation. 
  • Purifying Ritual - This ritual cleanses the scalp and normalizes sebaceous glands. It keeps greasy dandruff at bay, normalizes hyperhidrosis, and deodorizes, refreshes and decongests the scalp. 
  • Soothing Ritual - This rebalancing ritual soothes sensitive, reddened, and itchy scalps due to emotional or endogenous factors. It gives the scalp an instant sensation of wellbeing and relief 
 Each ritual is accompanied by deep scalp massage, acupressure, therapeutic steamer for deeper penetration, and sound healing (upon request) 


    SCALP DETOX  $33

    Peeling + detox cleansing (exfoliation of the scalp)

    Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser: The OW regenerating experience that helps to free us from stress and toxins. Restores vitality and energy to the hair and scalp to prevent imbalances and anomalies.


    HAIR MASKS  $22

    Deep penetrating conditioners that help repair and nourish the hair 

    • Moisture Hair mask - A hair conditioner that deeply nourishes and repairs dry, brittle hair, preventing split ends.
    • Rebuilding Hair Mask - A regenerating conditioner that repairs extremely dry and damaged hair with organic proteins and amino acids If your hair needs a lot of protein, this is a good fit for you.

    NOTE: If your hair has a buildup of excess protein, we don't recommend using the Rebuilding Hair Mask. 


    Add on - Steamer for deeper penetration  $10


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